One comment on “Coming Soon: Chris Isaak

  1. Chris is a hell of a performer. I've seen him in concert many times and he has never disappointed. He knows how to put on a great show and makes sure his crowds enjoy it.He's also a huge Roy Orbison fan which is why he covers a lot of his songs, and modeled some of singing after him.I'm really excited about Wednesday's show. I think I fall into the fanatic category because I will never miss a show when he comes to Austin. I had the chance to meet him probably eight years ago – when he was touring for Speak of the Devil. He came out after the show to sign shirts and posters, and one of the shirts was written in Japanese. He was signing it for my husband and said, "I'm not sure what this says but I think it's cool." I piped up, "Well, it says 'speak of the devil' but really more 'witch' than 'devil'," and instantly regretted showing my geekness.He turns to me and says in Japanese, "I have forgotten how to speak in Japanese but I know a little," and I almost fell over. He told me that he spent a lot of time there for boxing and that was how he got his dashingly flat nose.So that's about when I turned into a fanatic. Great guy.

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